when i thought over would never come… it came to you first when i wasnt expecting it… now its come to me, and im distraught by the fact that i was tricked into thinking that id love you forever… i guess my own feelings were lies just like yours.
See iv always been a fighter but without you i give up, ill be there till the stars dont shine, till the heavens burst, even when i die you’ll still be on my mind, i will love you baby, always.
Been 4 months since we last talked, but my love hasn’t faded, it warms me up like the sun coming over the horizon, i dont want to be warmed up, i want to live in the cold and darkness… but i never get what i want, i will love you always…
Every night before i sleep, i get down on bended knees, and i pray that ill never wake from dreams where you are mine.

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Showering With Girls

Dear Internet/World/not Mom,

Here are my thoughts on shower romance, delivered naked, just like nobody wanted. Hope you enjoy them.

- Dan

This pain you’ve infected me with is what is driving me to success. And i wish i could have the chance to thank you, but our paths will never cross again.
It hurts, wounds so sore, now im torn, when i see your face my heart bursts into fire
Bullet for my Valentine
So many scars… i wish they were the visible ones. Yet the pain makes me happy as it reminds me that i was once in love.